July 14th, 2013 by spyware4me

This is a major release. Please backup your accounts and sites whole MC2 directory before downloading this version, Multiclicker2 will update formats of all accounts, sites, proxies and browsers and merge its settings into one INI file – these changes are incompatible with previous versions, Multiclicker2 will not backup original files.

Sites bypassing security layer or using unsafe operations will not work anymore. Contact your developers and ask them for updated site.

What’s new

  • Java 7 is now required to run Multiclicker2.
  • Introduced captcha solvers.
  • Added support for HTTPS proxy.
  • Hardened security layer.
  • Reworked captcha dialog, now site message dialog.
  • Introduced click captcha (use selects a region from an image).
  • Sites may now show textual messages to user (please use English language).
  • Sites (and solvers) projects may now define list of additional required domains.
  • Projects may now change and view their ID.
  • Improved browser headers capture.
  • Updated default browser headers to Google Chrome 27.
  • OCR can now call external methods.
  • Updated libraries.
  • Redesigned POST handling.
  • Added ability to add custom HTTP headers.
  • Added ability to disable/enable internal HTTP redirection handling.
  • Added Rhino as JavaScript engine.
  • Changed command line parameters, start Multiclicker2 with -help parameter to see them.
  • Fixed changing proxies when two proxies are of a different type.
  • Many more fixes and improvements.