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Before you download the latest version for Multiclicker2, Multiclicker2 API or demonstraion projects, please read carefully following terms:

  • The product is provided “as is” without any kind of warranty. You use the product at your own risk only.
  • Author of the product is not responsible for any kind of damage, loss of money or any other loss caused by using or having this product.
  • Unauthorized selling or reverse-engineering of the product is strictly forbidden.
  • Using, downloading or simply having the project by PTC owners or admins, their employees or anyone in labour relations to them is forbidden.
  • The product is released as freeware, if not mentioned otherwise.
  • By downloading, having or using the product you agree to these terms.
Updated:June 18, 2017
Updated:March 2, 2016
Updated:January 1, 2016
Updated:April 18, 2012